Wipe - µ-Ziq - Chewed Corners (CD, Album)

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  1. While his last album, 's Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique, was at times as harrowing and miserable as its title suggests, 'Chewed Corners' is almost the polar opposite, relaxed, self-possessed, and a pleasure to listen to. The innovation is subtle and inviting and it 4/5(8).
  2. Chewed Corners is Paradinas 's best and most inspired work since the 90s. Most of the work on here is rooted in the calculated restraint that defines Autechre's most captivatingly hypnotic work, Missing: Wipe.
  3. Chewed Corners is easily the most surprising comeback album of the big names we’ve seen in the last couple of years, and certainly one of the most welcome. It has a vigor and feeling of reinvention that’s simply lacking in certain other albums we’ve seen so far in And so here we have it.
  4. IDM adventurer µ-Ziq drops another sound bomb on Planet Mu. On XTLP however, the tone is a little less frantically experimental than a lot of µ-Ziq work. The press release even speaks of emotion! This is appropriate though, as parts of XTLP may conjure up blissful rave memories in the heads of some of the older among you.
  5. Mar 09,  · Music for Real Airports is the ninth full-length studio album by The Black Dog released in on CD, vinyl and as flac file download. It was written and produced by Ken Downie, Martin and Richard Dust. The album's title and concept of sound reference the ambient release Music for Airports, created by Brian Eno/5(4).
  6. Taikon Christ Dust Wipe Monyth Twangle Melkas Melting Bas Houzz 10 Feeble Minded Hug Mountain Island Boner Tickly Flanks.
  7. Ultimately, Chewed Corners may sound the least like a typical µ-Ziq album compared to the rest of his discography, but it reflects Paradinas ' knowledge of, and pleasure in, over three decades' worth of electronic music.7/
  8. Feb 28,  · "Chewed Corners" is a melody rich album that takes its inspiration from 70ss synth music and if i'm not exaggerating too much the album reminds me of the Vaporwave /Seapunk music style movement quite a lot! Melodies are the main ingredient that shine in this album and this is where µ-Ziq has always been strong/5(3).
  9. Sometimes Chewed Corners’ determination to ape a particular style comes at the expense of melody: the album featuring as many half-sketches as it does memorable hooks. While this gives it a sense of scale, it does feel at times as though Paradinas has set out to forge his favourite Alan Silvestri soundtracks and got distracted by modern tech.7/

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