Молитва - Fast Fuckers - Bastard Youth (Lathe Cut)

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  1. Notes: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. This is my submission for FMA Big Bang , and well.I knew when I started that it was going to be a monster, but I didn't expect Heaps of gratitude go first and foremost to Bob Fish, who changed the way I think about the boys with all of her amazing fic and some amazing discussions we had; who then proceeded to doom me by producing the stunning art.
  2. In youth, religion played a larger role in Johnny’s life than faith, which is contrasted in adulthood, after Owen’s death, when “a small, strong hand (or something like a small, strong hand) guided [his] own hand to the light switch; a small, strong hand, or something like it, pulled [him] forward from where [he] teetered on the top step.
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  5. The tall youth looked down at him, up at Kendra and snorted. He swallowed his drink, threw the bulb at the recycle can and jumped into the truck. Kendra gave Myrol a grateful look and jumped into the driver’s seat. He nodded slightly. He was a hard man to intimidate and very decent, if normally reticent.
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  8. You idiot bastard fuck face Fuck you Fuck ball You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass Shook hands with the devil cut my deals with the Lord I'm froze to iron of what you can't afford I irrigate the fuckers, I take OTC drugs, I run, do yoga, do body resistence. Every once in .

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