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  1. A sticker of the slogan It's okay to be white or It's OK to be white (IOTBW) is a slogan based on a poster campaign organized on the website 4chan 's discussion board /pol/ in A /pol/ user described it as a proof of concept that what they called a harmless message would cause a media backlash.
  2. The Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems (formerly known as the OU ITS Lab), was formed in for the sole purpose of improving and extending the safety of Oklahoma's streets and highways. It was also created to further the productivity of Oklahoma law enforcement agencies devoted to keeping Oklahomans safe.
  3. It's not the usual korean drama that comes with a cheerful starting, couple fall in love and followed with the story climax. Some people might not like the "psycho" theme drama because of the dark and depressing content, but I find it pretty addictive of its UNUSUAL setting of characters, story presentation and the chemistry between the main leads!/10(K).
  4. Jan 01,  · The right phrase is “that’s OK” instead of “it’s OK” which means a polite request. It is a polite way of saying don't do something. Whereas, “it's OK” means “I don't mind you did it or said something”. Like after someone apologises, you say “it's.
  5. Its OK Limited is a nationwide Appliance Service and Repair Company. We service all appliances from washing machines, dishwashers, fridge-freezers, cookers and boilers.
  6. Apr 01,  · It's Okay To Be Different uses metaphors children will understand to describe or allude to real life differences - it's okay to have a big nose, with an illustration of an elephant and his trunk; it's okay to be from somewhere else - like outer space! Simply put, Reviews:
  7. Synonyms for it's ok include you're welcome, certainly, sure, my pleasure, no problem, of course, that's okay, you bet, don't be silly and don't mention it. Find more similar words at!
  8. It's Okay to Not Be Okay. TV-MA 1 Season International TV Shows. An extraordinary road to emotional healing opens up for an antisocial children's book writer and a selfless psych ward caretaker when they cross paths. Starring: Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, Oh Of Seasons: 1.

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